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Redera Technologies is an innovation-driven company that designs, develops and deploys cutting-edge information and communication technologies. We breathe science and technology.

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About Us

Redera Technologies develops tailor-made solutions based on cutting-edge information and communication technologies. Through many years of experience in delivering digital products, innovative hardware and professional services for several verticals in the context of IT and Telecom, Redera has gained the trust of its customers that desire to minimize CapEx and Opex, and that especially aim to introduce innovative products and services in their market in view of being always ahead in terms of competitive advantage.

Being a Redera's business partner is really straightforward and the relationship method is natively flexible, according to each case requirement. Besides traditional service supplying, the partnership model can be equity-sharing per project or risk-sharing through costless proofs-of-concept at the final client. Size-agnostic, Redera targets since early-stage startups to scale-ups and big corporations, supporting their process of Digital Transformation and migration from traditional to disruptive products and services offering.

Professional and Managed Services

Even many companies having information and communication technologies as core-business, focus matters. Redera subject matter experts are excited to hear your challenges and to get their hands on creative solutions for the complex technical tasks of computer and networking engineering. Covering IT and Telecom systems architecture, design, development, configuration, implementation, deployment, operation, technical support and knowledge transfer, Redera can handle end-to-end your technological roll-out and operational plan, delivering solutions that go beyond expectations and supporting them in a highly efficient way.

Software Factory

Covering the whole lifecycle of modern software development, in the context of design, development, test, deploy, internal and external documentation and operation, in an incremental loop of continuous improvement. Redera is specialized in web applications and embedded systems. Besides functional and featured products that really add value to their end-users, Redera is fully committed to cybersecurity, data protection, user experience, and computational performance.

Innovation Management Office

Based on modern frameworks for driving innovation in startups and corporates and on the Deseign Thinking paradigm, Redera is specialized in knowing further the real pain points and needs of your market, defining the real job to be done and, the most important, bringing it into reality, often through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in product itself and/or service format, to interact with early adopter customers as soon as possible, aiming adjusts and optimizations, through proof-of-concept rounds in order to result in a consistent market-ready, well-fitted, product synchronized with the nowadays competitive time-to-market requirements.

Multi-access Edge Computing

Bringing cloud to the network edge requires a mindset change. Cloud Providers, CSPs, and ISPs have to work together in order to offer a low-latency and often a most reserved cloud environment as close as possible to the served end-users, resulting in greater customer experiences and lower operational expenditures. From physical to logical deployment, Redera is the ideal partner for your MEC roll-out.

Software-Defined Networking

SDN introduces a new paradigm for data communication and network management in view of flexibility, faster deployments and a smarter control. Disaggregating control and data planes and implementing SDN controllers to your physical and/or virtualized SDN-ready network in favor of a programmable and more disruptive network is the correct decision and Redera can support you end-to-end.

Network Functions Virtualization

NFV is happening due to the service providers’ needs in creating an open to innovation and cost-effective environment for implementing their services upon their network functions. The migration process from the "black box" paradigm to the "white box" one requires planning, right chooses and high-end professional services, for both infra and application layers. Redera is ready to support you in the whole journey.

Internet of Things

Redera’s team is specialized in architecting low-power, miniaturized and general-purpose devices for telemetry and remote control for several verticals such as Agriculture, Logistics, Health Care, Industry 4.0, etc. For all your challenges in the context of the Low-power Wide Area Networks, from terminal devices to core software platforms development, count on us.


Far beyond a buzzword and limited to the cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology introduces a digital, incorruptible and inviolable ledger that supports many applications that require distributed and structured data storage. Expert in trustworthy transactional data, from financial transfers to logistics traceability, We deploy state-of-the-art, turn-key Blockchain platforms and develop Smart Contracts and integrations through APIs.

Robotic Process Automation

Our bots are ready to work on your manual tasks in software operation that are boring and slow. Let your team focuses on your customers. With commercial of the shelf RPA solutions for several areas such as accounting, inventory, customer relationship, human resources, etc, Redera’s RPA business units also ears, raise requirements, develops and operates custom bots and frameworks for your RPA needs.


Are your systems in compliance with the best practices and standards of cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is beyond code, network and data protection and must take in account all the layers that involve your application, even those unknown. Redera's White Hat team works with a holistic protection method, from a black-box perspective to a line-by-line deep source code audit.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Do you generate a big amount of data every day and want to extract strategic insights for improving your operational and commercial efficiency? Let us develop and deploy tools for extraction, transformation, and loading of this big data and machine learning model for bringing insights to the reality and data visualization interfaces that make the difference in the decision-making processes.

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